One Shot Blade

Gosh, that monster just beat me with one-hit-kill!
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You, the Ninja, need to click the only two buttons “block” and “attack” to beat a wave of monsters in battles. Cautious!

Continuous swing sword without defence will cause your death in this game. The key is to take advantages of blocking when your enemy launched an attack and keep an eye on the action points slot.

Getting trouble in stage cleared? Don’t worry! Just upgrade your gear and do more training. Never forget that Ninja always practices being perfect!

What's new

1. "Auto attack" is added. After clicking the attack button once, the player will continue to attack automatically until the player performs a defensive operation.
2. Add "lens shake" option.
3. Added new chapter levels
4. Fixed the bug that scenes later than Chapter 4 may cause flashback
5. Reconstructed the training value and canceled the relevant attributes. Max level is 40.
6. New gear system
7. Equipment can now be upgraded to level 40
8. New equipment propertys


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